Client Testimonials

Plant ID Courses

"The Tannas family have a long history of providing both tools and training to aid government and industry resource specialists in improving their skills in plant identification. Their intensive field schools provide a special opportunity each spring for professional and technical staff to build and sharpen their plant identification skills."

Barry Adams P Ag.
Rangeland Management Specialist, Lethbridge

"Dr. Steve Tannas and his team have created a fantastic hands-on approach for the Plant Identification course. They are great at passing on their knowledge and their trade tips to new comers and/or old hands that need a refresher. Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc. have been using their services for a number of years and consider the Plant Identification course as a great tool for our in-house training for new members of our reclamation team. I would not hesitate to recommending the Plant Identification course to anyone."

Amber Flamand
Reclamation Program Manager

"Accurate identification of native grasses, forbs and shrubs is a key component of Range Health Assessment and the 2010 Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities for Grasslands. The courses offered through Tannas Conservation Services provide intensive field based training designed to refresh plant identification skills. The courses complement our field based Range Health Assessment Course for Industry, provided the following week through the Foothills Restoration Forum, June 21,2013."

Marilyn Neville
Coordinator of the Foothills Restoration Forum


"Tannas Conservation Services have had a long relationship with the Milk River Management Committee, undertaking range surveys, rare plant work and invasive species assessments. They consistently provide great work and great value. It has been a productive partnership which is helping us to manage our land better and to provide the information that decision-makers need. We look forward to TCS' future assistance and insights as we continue to monitor the Milk River Natural Area and Kennedy Coulee Ecological Reserve."

Cliff Wallis P.Biol.
Secretary-Treasurer, Milk River Management Society

"Tannas Conservation Services completed a professional and rigorous roadside invasive plant survey for Jasper National Park which is part of the national park's Ecological Integrity Monitoring Program. Park roads are divided into 5-km segments and randomly-selected segments are surveyed every five years to detect trends in invasion, detect new high priority species, and provide guidance to the control program. A highly trained plant taxonomist and biologist, like Steven Tannas, is essential for a monitoring project where the quality of the results (trends) depend on accurate observations, efficient surveys and a strong scientific background."

Brenda Shepherd
Ecosystem Scientist