Company Overview

company-overviewTannas Conservation Services (TCS) is a family run and operated company based NW of Calgary, Alberta.  The core team of TCS was originally incorporated under their current subsidiary (Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd) in 1985 and in 2011, the Tannas family split the company in two with Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds becoming one of the largest native plant suppliers in Southern Alberta and TCS becoming a dedicated consulting firm. TCS specializes in the management of both established native ecosystems and restoration of damaged ecosystems. TCS is focused on environmental consulting with specializations in, environmental monitoring, restoration ecology, bioengineering, rangeland management, biophysical Inventories, education, and research.

At TCS we focus on providing our clients with innovative solutions to meet their needs. We aim to aid our clients in navigating the complexity of public relations, government regulations, and environmental ethics in an efficient and effective manner. Our extensive experience working within the agricultural industry and our experience working with the government provides us with the unique ability to mitigate for problems before they occur.

The extensive experience of our in-house staff gives us the unique ability to provide innovative and high quality solutions available no where else. Our commitment to excellence in all areas of our work extends to our use of only the most reputable sub-consultants in each environmental discipline.

We are located across Alberta with closely partnering companies in Alberta and BC. Our bases of operation include: Cremona (Head office), Calgary, Pincher Creek, and St. Albert Alberta. We primarily run out of small home offices with our Cremona office acting as our hub of operations. 


TCS has received the following awards:
►     2013 Emerald Award for development of reclamation protocols and techniques for fescue grasslands across western Canada
►     2015 Alberta Science and Technology Awards (ASTECH) (Finalist) for the first proven techniques in restoring foothills and plains rough fescue into disturbed sites on a consistent basis
►     2016 Alberta Business Awards (Finalist) Young Entrepreneur Award
►     2016 Alberta Business Awards (Finalist) Entrepreneur of the Year 

Our approach:

Our history and ownership structure gives us a unique understanding of the needs of the public, environment, industry, and government. As landowners, stakeholders, scientists, and partners with government and industry we believe that social license is one of the most critical components of any work involving the environment. In all our jobs we strive to complete projects in a manner that exceeds all regulatory obligations allowing our clients to build the social license required to effectively conduct their work, while minimizing environmental impact and building public confidence. 

Our Access to Plant Materials Supplies:

We offer a complete package of solutions capable of managing a project from cradle to grave or providing specialized services for a specific portion or a project . In addition to providing technical expertise TCS is able to provide difficult to find specialty products such as native plant materials through Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds.

Access to Our Environmental Equipment:

We currently are working with Great Plains Restoration Solutions Inc. To supply equipment focused on the environmental Industry. We can currently supply the following:

North Star Floating Islands - Customized floating Islands for remediation of water on Storm Water Management Facilities, Settling Ponds, Agricultural facilities, and other locations where water is contaminated. Our Island systems are fully customizable in shape and size. click here

Prairie Habitats Wild Seed Harvesters - We are currentlly starting production of pull type and front end loader style harvesters and will soon be adding hand held harvesters to our offerings. We are happy to announce that Prairie Habitats Seed Harvesters sold out of Manitoba for the past 30 years will now be available from Great Plains Restoration Solutions Inc.